Mr. Mitsuo Yamashita, the president of the All Japan Hovercraft Association


The fast economic growth in the recent years has brought to the wealth, convenience and varieties in life to the Japanese citizens. Also the introduction of one-week 40-hour working hours, 2 day-off systems has offered people more time and money on leisure and sports.
As under such situation, the All Japan Hovercraft Association acts as a public corporation, has undertake the task of popularizing and developing hovercrafts for using as sports, recreations and commercial purposes. The All Japan Hovercraft Association is involved in designing, manufacturing and practical use of the hovercrafts. We plan to use our mechanic engineering and sportsmanship to acquire a cosmopolitan outlook for ourselves and to improve international goodwill with other countries by holding and attending different hovercraft contests at home and abroad. We also plan to hold hovercraft international contests in Japan in the near future with the domestic and international assistances. We hope the different events and contests can help deepen the friendship and to provide chances for exchanging information among the members. We also hope through these activities, we can let hovercraft become an healthy sports item for people and make contribution to the welfare facilities at the site where the contest is held.
- Purposes -
1. To improve the technique on running and know-how for maintenance.
2. To acquire a cosmopolitan outlook for oneself by attending international competitions.
3. To collect and distribute information on hovercraft.
4. To improve friendship and mutual supports as well as exchange ideas.
5. To increase safety awareness
6. Volunteer at emergency


Other necessary activities help to reach the goal of the association.


All Japan Hover Craft Association

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