Q.What is hovercraft?
A sort of boat which moves over land or water with a strong force of air underneath lifting it above ground, sea, etc. When running on land, it offers fun like playing sports or game even for children, while in water, it is a new vehicle offers a feeling llike playing marine sports.
Q.When was hovercraft introduced to Japan?
Hovercraft was first introduced to Japan in 1980s when the Japanese economy was at the peak of its bubble economy. These days, hovercrafts run back and forth between Oita Airport and Oita-city to carrying passengers.
Q.Why hovercraft association was set up?
There are some 300 hovercraft enthusiasts in the whole Japan who are working on their own. We are trying to put these enthusiasts together to organize safe race including children as well.
Q.From what was the hovercraft made?
The main body is made from FRP (fiberglass). The seat (rubber down below) is made from strong polyester.
Q.How many passengers can hovercraft carry?
Basically, for race, it is for one person or 2 persons. Hovercraft for 6 passengers will be developed in the future.
Q.Can we ride hovercraft easily?
For safety, we recommend you enter the association first and take a short course on safety. To control the hovercraft, it is simply to step on the accelerator and turn the lever right if you want to turn right and vice versa if you want to turn left.
Q.Does any qualification needed to run the hovercraft?
No license is need if running the hovercraft on the private land like Kisogawa riverside. However, if running the hovercraft on the public water and the lake which runs to river, then boat license Grade 5 is needed.
Q.What is the maximum speed for hovercraft?
The machine itself can run fastest to 120kilo/hour, in Japan, it runs up to 60-80 kilo/hour. For safety, speed limitation is executed in racing course. So the most recommended speed for riding hovercraft is about 40kilo/hour.
Q.What is the feeling of riding in a hovercraft?
As it is floating, so it has a feeling of sitting in an airplane. It is also a lot of fun doing drifting which looks more likely to compete with your control technique when doing the side slip.
Q.Can we have experience on hovercraft?
A new circuit course (1000 meter round) is completed at the lower reach of the Kisogawa river right bank. It opens every Saturday and Sunday. It is a safe place even for children. Please come to visit.


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